Thursday, August 14, 2014

Training Time #1: Gym Workout

Although stair climbing is becoming more popular, there exists very little literature devoted to training for stair climbing races.

I've decided to take matters into my own hands and publish some of my own stair climbing work-outs. This is my first post in (hopefully) a series of posts devoted to training for a stair climbs. 

For Training Time #1, I've decided to share my gym workout, which focuses on building muscle endurance and maintaining muscle strength. Click here to download my full workout (via Google Docs).

This document is a work in progress*, so comments are always welcome; I'm always looking to learn and incorporate new things.

*In fact, I think I've already spotted a slight error! I guess version 1.1 is inevitable...



  1. Great post Alex, thanks!!

    How many times a week do you do this workout?

    I look forward to reading more training time posts!

  2. I tried your workout this afternoon.... killer!!

    The one legged lunges and tabata leg press shredded my quads!

  3. Hi Corran! Glad you like this workout. I would only recommend doing this workout twice a week at most, because it takes a few days to fully recover from it. Personally, I only do this workout on Mondays, but I incorporate a couple of the moves on Thursdays (weighted lunges & hamstrings). Plus, on Fridays I do some pretty intense sprints, which pretty much trash my quads & calves.

    It took me a good month or so to get used to the one legged lunges and the Tabata leg presses. I was *extremely* sore for a few days the first time I tried either exercise. After doing different variations of this workout for the past few years, I'm still a bit sore afterward, but the soreness has gotten less intense and only lasts 1-2 days.

  4. Hey Alex, this is Patrick Gallagher, the British competitor you met at Boston earlier in the year. Really glad to see you are back blogging again, and this one is really timely for me as I have two UK races coming up soon. Thanks for sharing this and I'm looking forward to getting some more tips from one of the best. Hope you're well.

    1. Hi Patrick, hope all is well in the UK. I'll post another workout routine shortly (work in progress) specifically for building up anaerobic & aerobic fitness.

      Best of luck for your upcoming races. Someday I'll have to travel to London and checkout the Tower 42 race.